Thomas Kruse Winery


kruseWelcome to Thomas Kruse Winery!

Dear Friends,

We're retiring soon. Our wines are excellent. Visit, taste and take some home.

We are open from noon to five Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closed Mondays.

Other weekdays an appointment is strongly suggested. especially if you are coming from some distance.

Don't forget to take a look at our Newsletter and event page!

Currently we have:

  • Chardonnay $12 a bottle or $60 a case, crisp and nice (no butter)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon $16 bottle or $120 a case (g is silent)
  • Merlot $12 a bottle or $96 a case ( a great mouth filling wine)
  • Zinfandel $16 a bottle or $144 a case (classic, Aguston Harazsthy would like it)
  • Apricot $8 a bottle or $60 a case (reminds me of 1937 Chateau D'Yquem)
  • Port $32 a bottle or $300 a case (not at all like a '37 Warre from Oporto)
  • Gilroy Red $8 a bottle or $72 a case (our Red Table Wine, legendary)

...... when these wines are gone.........

Thomas Kruse Winery Savoir Terre TM

Savoir Terre TM is a new name for us. It means to know the land.

Starting with the 2011 and continuing with this harvest we are working with Jean-Claude to add to our offerings a wine of exceptional quality and finesse. This wine will be distinguished from Thomas Kruse Wines by the label and cellaring and aging protocol. It is created for the person who has the time and patience to cellar wine at home for a few years. The ongoing joke here is that this wine won't taste as good (initially) as the Thomas Kruse wines and it will be twice as expensive. But wait two years at the minimum and ten to twenty years at the maximum for a truly superb bottle of wine.

Production of Savoir Terre TM wines will be quite limited.


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